Champions can be found everywhere. That friend who ran a marathon this year, is a champion. That colleague who wakes up early so that she can go to gym before work is a champion. That teammate who always chooses the stairs over lift is a champion.

Champions are among us and Wellness Champ Awards celebrates the achievements of these champions. They have consistently strived for a healthier, fitter and fuller lifestyle. They inspire all of us and now we honor them.

Champions are everywhere. But if you are looking for one, the best place to start is with yourself.

We will be announcing the next Wellness Champ of month soon. You could be the next Champ. Here are a few things you could do to increase your chances:

  • Take up health challenges
  • Update your challenges regularly
  • Share Tips
  • Throw dares
  • Take up quick Power Ups and more.
It’s all fun and rewarding! 🙂

What do you think?