Okay! We, the working class are good at a lot more things apart from our primary work that earns the bread for us. We also have a preconceived notion that people who work as Graphic Designers, CEO’s, Creative Heads, Photographers or have any other creative job profile are only good at that and they do not have/need not have other hobbies. What we tend to forget is that hobbies which give us those pleasure times can be completely different from what we do but that does not mean we don’t love our job. It just means we are “taking a break” from our routines to do something else we love too!

Life becomes a crunch in our late twenties. Responsibilities get bundled up. Stress builds up. Yeah, we know that too! But how about you trying to shut down that voice in your head for a while and spare a few minutes to do something you love to do! You’ll get to see the difference for yourself. Here are a few quick bite tips to help you find that extra time.

Hire helpers

Hiring helpers at home will not only reduce your tasks at home but will also help you make some time for your hobby or hobbies. It does not matter whether you are a single person or a family person. Yes, it will cost a bit but isn’t the spending worth it? Give it a try to see if your little spending is really helping you evolve.

Cafeteria may be the place

Great! Whether you want to write a poem or draw or fill in your personal diary , it can be managed; of course you can’t write a novel while you are working. But you can surely grab 10 minutes from your schedule to imagine, live or relive your memories.Go down to the nearest cafeteria with a pen and paper and do what relieves your stress; write, doodle or draw. If your office has its own cafeteria, go and utilize the space. But don’t forget to set a timer or alarm to get yourself back to your work 🙂


Take Small breaks

You not only need to take small breaks for your eyes but also for some mental peace and that little break is the time when you can pursue your hobby. Be it a stand up impromptu or writing a shayari or reading a novel, hobbies can be anything. These small breaks where you pursue your hobby will work wonders for you and make you feel fresh.

Participation is the key

Take part in office activities and competitions and showcase your talent over there. It could be playing an instrument, singing, dancing or an impromptu stand up tamasha. Office competitions are a great time to re-live your hobbies .Remember, there is no scope for you to be shy!

Never fix a time:

It is your hobby and not your 9-5 job. So, never fix a time for it. Do it or pursue it whenever you feel like but don’t skip it. We never skip what we love to do, do we? You might have your own tips and tricks as well which work good for you and help you find time for your hobbies.

So, dear workaholics “Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.” You never know, hobbies can serve more purposes than to just break you off from the routines. If you want to know how the hobbies help reduce stress, it is by the way of feel good factor which we experience when we do something that makes us happy. The release of endorphin relieves us of stress. Also, you do not have to break your head for finding time for the hobby you love in a day. Just take an hour of half after the office hours or wake up early in the morning, or take some time post dinner to indulge in your favorite pass time and ease yourself to relaxation.

What do you think?