We got in touch with Lakshmi Narasimhan, apparently the youngest Problem Manager at Unisys, for a chit chat with us. In this fun interview, he talks to us about his profession, family and his life outside of work. Come, let’s get to know him better! And yes, he is of course one of the super users of Zoojoo.be as well.

Tell us more about yourself.

I am Lakshmi Narasimhan from Bengaluru. Patience, perseverance and determination are the adjectives that define me. I am selectively social. Introvert in the first looks, but an extrovert once you actually get to know me. My hobbies include going for long rides and writing blogs about automobiles.I have pursued Engineering in a reputed institution affiliated to VTU. After completing my Engineering, I joined Unisys in 2013. It has been 2.7 years with Unisys and the journey so far has been fabulous. I am currently working as a Problem Manager.

What exactly does Work-Life Balance mean to you?

While leaving home to work, I leave my personal stuff at home and vice versa. I do not want to juggle with both at once, as productivity goes down.

What are you really passionate about in life apart from work? And how well do you really pursue it?

I am passionate about bikes ; I am passionate about making it really big in my career as well. I want to make my family both rich and happy 🙂

I am working towards my goals and I am focused on achieving it.

How do you your idea of a healthy active lifestyle ?

I dedicate one hour of my time everyday so that it takes care of me for the remaining 23 hours of the day. One hour of my time is exclusively dedicated to walking and meditation.

Who is your greatest inspiration and why?

I am inspired by my mother and by all the other people who value their time and always have intent to learn.

What is that one hobby that you really enjoy doing? Have you missed it dearly or do you actively do it everyday?

Riding my bike. Life during engineering was carefree and I used to go out on long drives impulsively filling in petrol at late nights. Now it’s duty and responsibility first and I’ve left my hobby behind.I dearly miss it though.

Most importantly, how well do you take care of yourself!

Of late, I have realized the value of life and health. This was post an incident where I had to be admitted in the hospital for a while. I have started respecting the value of my body and mind from then on.

That apart,  he also lets us know a few facts about him…

  • He’s earned himself quite a lot of friends owing to his character and those friends are the ones he looks upto and goes to, for anything.
  • His family and himself have already pledged to donate their eyes. That way, ‘Our journey will continue forever’, he says.
  • He is also in a long term relationship with his college sweetheart, a fact he considers one of his biggest personal achievement 🙂

All we have to say to him from the entire Zoojoo.be family is, “Thank You for your time and Good Luck with everything!!” We definitely had fun talking to this youngest problem manager at Unisys. Hope you enjoyed the interview too!


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