Day 1:

Watch this video to combat obesity as Manish Video guides you through some yoga moves that help you regulate the hormones in your body. He also talks about how yoga can help in digestion, can be used as cardio and much more interesting things. Small changes in your lifestyle and 10 minutes of your time is all you need to manage obesity.

Day 2:

Will working on the mind help solve a tendency towards obesity? You bet! It takes 21 days to form a new habit. Watch these asanas to create healthy positive reinforcements and mindfulness, using the power of your brain.

Day 3:

Does the digestive system have a role to play in losing weight? Definitely! 60% of your weight management is dependent on your food intake. Manage your digestive system optimally, with the help of these asanas. Watch the entire video here.

Day 4:

Adequate Sleep is an essential element of your weight loss journey. No matter how hard you workout, or how strictly you follow your diet, a lack of sleep can derail all of your weight loss efforts.
Use these reparative asanas to get eight amazing hours of sleep every night , and move closer towards your weight loss goal.

Day 5:

When it comes to weight loss, the impact of Cardiovascular exercises(or Cardio) can not be overstated. These exercises can literally melt your fat away. Today, you get to enjoy the benefits of cardio with Yoga asanas such as suryanamaskar, and kapalabhati pranayam.

Day 6:

The core of having a great posture is, well.. your CORE. A stronger core gives you a great posture and a life devoid of backaches. Do these asanas  to get more from your core today!

Day 7:

Strengthen the largest muscles of your body and kiss the stubborn, extra, lower body fat goodbye with this incredible mix of static and dynamic asanas, focused at your legs, thighs and hips.

Day 8:

Enjoy the many  benefits of Yoga, while sitting at the familiar surroundings of your work desk! This range of Desktop Yoga asanas will ensure that you run out of two things very quickly; fat, and excuses.


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