The holidays can bring with them a serious urge to just laze the days away. It allows us the freedom to indulge and that freedom can lull us into a sense of indolence. It is important for us to remember that there are no off days when one is working towards a healthier self. Keeping up with your exercise routine is crucial in making sure that you are not letting the festive season get the best of you.

If you feel that you may not be able to hit the gym as often as you might like during the holidays, fear not. There are some very simple and effective ways to keep up with your exercise regimen even during the festive season.


Walking can be a good family activity. When you have your family members around you and you feel the need for some essential me-time, go take a walk. It can also be a good way to bond with a relative you haven’t had the time to catch up with for long. Walking is one of the easiest and most effective cardio workouts one can do. It is also a great way to digest an overly heavy dinner or lunch. Walking does not need you to set out too much time, all it needs is for you to walk.

Plan Your Workout

The biggest problem of the festive season is that it throws most of your plans under the bus. Give yourself a clear idea of the time you need to workout, decide a time to exercise, and stick to a plan. Working out at the same time you always exercise on regular days may not be possible. But it is definitely possible for you to fix another time during the holiday season. Planning is half the battle won, and planning your workout right can be the difference between you sticking with it and giving up on it during the holidays.


Planking is a simple exercise, but more importantly it works out all your essential muscle groups. Planking, unlike other exercises, does not need any equipment and takes barely any time. Do a few sets of 2-minute planks through the day and you have half your workout already done. Simple planks are one of the most effective exercises and are great to tone your core muscles, back and shoulders.

Get a Workout Partner

If you are at home, it can be a good idea to find yourself a workout partner. A workout partner will keep you on your toes. It would be much harder to miss a session when you are with a partner. An exercise partner is a great way to have fun while working out. More importantly, it is always a great boost to have someone exercise alongside you. The sense of healthy competition always makes us give our best.

All in all, working out during the holiday season is all about keeping the rhythm up. Do not stop your exercise routine just because the festive season is upon us. Remember, Santa too, does not appreciate a slacker.

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