A common complaint among many people who begin exercising is the scores of aches and pains they seem to gather with every session. Most of these are just muscles you’ve never exercised being given a good working over. In other cases, however, it can also mean that there is something going astray with your workout. There are a number of ways to exercise, when not done with enough attention, it can go on to harm the human body.

Here are some serious mistakes that you should avoid making when in the gym or when exercising at home:


This is one of the most common postures of people who have just begun exercising. For some it is simply a question of catching their breath, for others, it is a means of cheating their way through the exercise. A good workout helps improve your posture, it is something that strengthens your core muscles and provides you with a straight back. Standing with a slouch or working out with a slouch can not only hamper your exercise but also cause you some serious back ailments in the long run.

Energy Drinks

There are a lot of people who enter the gym toting a bottle of energy drink to help them through the routine. This is absolutely unnecessary in most cases. Firstly, regular water works just as well in hydrating the human body. Secondly, these energy drinks are usually made up of large parts of sugar and empty calories, which may give a burst of energy, but are overall working against your workout. Try and hydrate with simple water as and when you require it.

Slow Workouts

Ask anyone serious about exercise and they will tell you that being slow does not work when you are exercising. You don’t need to be putting in long periods of exercise, instead, you need to be maximizing your time spent working out. You may start off with an easy to moderate workout when you are just beginning exercising. But once you are used to it challenge yourself to up the ante and intensify your workout schedule as much as you can. This is going to help you a lot in not only burning fat but also building much-needed strength and stamina.

Doing the Same Exercise

Your muscles can get used to the same exercise if you do it often enough. It is important to keep changing up your workout from time to time to give your muscles the much-needed impetus, otherwise, they may halve the number of calories burned for doing the same exercise. Mix up your workouts. Changing your workouts daily will trick your body into burning more calories and also help you widen your spectrum of exercise.

Just Cardio isn’t Enough

Many of us believe that cardio is all that your body requires. This, however, is not true. Strength training is one of the most important aspects of exercise and needs to be incorporated into one’s exercise routine regularly. Strength training builds lean muscle and provides you with the strength you need after the age of 30. Once we hit 30 we start losing muscle mass. Strength training improves your body’s metabolism while also burning more calories.


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