While technology might have improved a variety of things in our lives, there is one area where it has definitely done more harm than help. People’s posture are getting worse by the day. A look around on the bus or even a park will show how often people are hunched over their phones and their screens. It has gotten so bad that some researchers are terming this as an addiction. It is a constant need to have your phone or other modes of communication handy.

While it is understandable that in today’s information driven age one cannot really go without the required tech. There is a very healthy chance that you might be reading this piece on your smartphone, your neck bent at an odd angle to your body, potentially hurting your posture. Bad posture has almost become synonymous with today’s generation, thanks to their overuse of technology. There is, however, a way to ensure you don’t give in to these bad habits.

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Neutral neck position is one way of ensuring that you are always keeping your neck in a perfectly balanced position. Neutral neck position is essentially a position where your neck is completely supported by your spine. It is the position where the neck sits right atop a perfectly straight spine. There is no slouch or bend of the neck in any direction. If you have a small screen to work with, chances are your neck is more often than not looking down or slouching. Try and upgrade to a bigger screen so as to provide your neck the comfort of staring straight at the screen.

How a Neutral Posture Benefits Your Spine

This posture allows the spine to stay in the most natural position with little twisting or bending. This controls the amount of stress the neck and the back feels. This position can be kept while you are standing, sitting or even sleeping to help reduce the amount of wear and tear your spine suffers. People suffering from chronic neck and back pain are often advised to try and maintain this position.

Having a naturally erect posture can help relieve a lot of pressure being faced by your spinal nerves and alleviates the pain you feel. Here is how you can practice neutral posture for your neck:

Make sure your feet are on the ground at about shoulder distance with each other. Keeping your feet on the ground, instead of up on the table or above your hips while sitting, ensures that your back does not have to take too much strain. Slouching can also be avoided if you are consciously keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.

Tuck your shoulders back and maintain your chest marginally thrust out. As soon as you pull your shoulders back, you open up your chest and put your spine in its naturally S shaped position. Keeping your chest thrust out continues to maintain this position which is ideal for having an erect and neutral posture.

Keep your stomach sucked in and ensure your pelvis is not too far or back. Having your pelvis too far back can be a problem as it may put more pressure on your lower back than you are used to and throw your posture out of synch.

Keep your chin parallel to the ground. The whole point of neutral neck position is to keep your neck in a position where it does not have to stretch in an unnatural fashion. Assuming this position would ensure that your chin is level and your neck is in a comfortable, neutral position.

Maintain the smooth arch you are feeling in your back, it is the posture you should have always had.

While this posture may take some conscious doing to maintain, it is something that can lend both strength as well as support to you as you grow older.

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