Gardening for aficionados requires no particular reason. Apart from the fact that you will be aware of what you’re eating as opposed to consuming fertilizer and pesticide laden veggies, there gardening is an exceedingly calming exercise for the body and soul. One of the most satisfying activities there is, gardening not only gives you the satisfaction of growing something it can also persuade you to live healthier. Unlike popular perception that gardening is easy, all you need is the right supplies and the right webpage open and you’re set. An herb garden in your balcony, or a wall full of succulents and other plants to add some natural oxygenation accessories to your home, gardening can open you up to a world of possibilities.

Here are a few reasons to encourage you to get off that couch and get your hands dirty in some mud:

Encourages original thought

Gardens are often considered the showcase for a way the person thinks. Consider a garden to be a scaled down forest, it can be made to look mystical and surreal, while having complete control on every element. If you want to organize a little vegetable patch you can find yourself growing one regardless of space constraints. Vertical gardening possibilities make the pleasure of gardening available to everyone. Organize your space in a way where you can let your imagination run loose and allow your creativity to take over.

Connecting with nature

Switch off that television or laptop and get out of the house, getting back to nature has a bundle of gifts waiting for you. There is something calming and very enervating about working innature. The mere act of growing a plant is almost akin  going back to our roots. While you may not have time to walk in the garden, but squatting for couple of hours every week weeding your pots or taking care of your garden can be just as healthy. Even a small flower garden in the balcony is enough to make you feel good about yourself and do wonders for your well-being.

Getting that much needed exercise

Gardening is a wonderful exercise if done on a regular basis. If you have enough space around you spend some time every day with your pots and in your garden. This process requires one to squat and stand a lot and also involves a lot of digging, a good workout if ever there was one. Include for yourself a few more squats while you are at it and you have a healthy gardening regimen set. It is light exercise. Not  only are you making your heart beating a little faster, you are also going out and breathing that much needed fresh air. Gardening works your legs, calves,thighs, forearms, back and that squat is working on strengthening your core.

Developing patience

Watching your plants grow is a huge stress buster. You have to do some research online to know the requirements of each plant, go through their entire life cycles, provide them with favorable conditions and then wait for the magic to happen. It requires research, patience and a little bit of effort. The waiting however, is the most difficult part, but once that plant pushes through the soil all thoughts of the effort will quickly fade against the first bloom of the season.

Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition

If you have enough space you can create your own little kitchen garden and reduce your reliance market vegetables and herbs. There is nothing better than knowing you are eating what you grow. Organically growing food is now a reality, and you can  do it right there in your backyard.Time your plantations such that you never run out of fresh vegetables and herbs from your garden. Apart from the psychological bent that home grown veggies will taste better than what you get at the supermarket, you will have a fresh supply of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and a host of other nutrients.

Involve yourself in gardening with an open mind. Don’t treat it as a chore that lasts a couple of weeks before tapering off into your regular routine. Ask you family members or friends to help you out with some of the requirements but get yourself that garden and keep it!

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