The body oxygen test or CP (control pause) test measures body oxygen levels and evaluates minute ventilation or breathing rates using special breath holding testing. This DIY(Do-It-Yourself) test has been used by about 200 Soviet and Russian medical doctors and other health professionals.

High body oxygen level results in a high amount of energy. The higher your energy, the higher your body’s efficiency. Higher efficiency will make you feel better and help you use your abilities in a better way, to produce better results.

Take this quick 5 minute test to measure your energy level.

Calculating your body-oxygen level

1. Sit down and rest for 3-5 minutes. Relax your entire body.

2. Take a breath and exhale.

3. As soon as you let all the air out, use your thumb and index finger to close both your nostrils. Start tracking the time from this moment onwards.

4. Keep the nostrils closed till you feel the first desire to breathe.

5. Let go of your nostrils and start breathing normally. Make a note of the time. Do not try to hold your breath for even a small amount of time. Your breathing pattern should be exactly the same as it was when you started the test.


So, you made a note of the time? Here’s what your time says about your body oxygen count.

1-10 seconds – Your body oxygen count is extremely low and consequently, your energy level is also very low.
10-20 seconds – Your body oxygen count is low, resulting in a low energy level.
20-30 seconds – Your body oxygen count is average. Your energy level is moderate.
40-60 seconds – Your body oxygen count is very good. Your energy level is very high.
Over 60 seconds –  Your body oxygen count is incredible! Your energy level is as high as the sun’s.

As you continue with your journey, keep taking this test periodically to track your progress. With our guidance and your commitment, your energy levels will rise as you move forward.

Here’s to your success.


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