Fitness isn’t just an activity. It’s a way of life. By taking up this Couch to 5k challenge, you will be able to transform yourself from being a couch potato to someone of higher fitness, endurance and stamina both physically and mentally.

 Over this curated journey of eight weeks, you will be taken through a step by step activity that helps you start small and gradually build on the pace and get fitter through each day.

8 Week Overview of Couch to 5K challenge


Week 1:

This week you will begin your journey with a series of runs and light workouts that will introduce you to the training plan. You can make your own schedules through the week as per your convenience. The journey starts with someone starting to take small baby steps as little as 5000 everyday.

Week 2:

Time to develop new habits. This week draws special attention to the how and why of the training. Work on building stamina and proper pacing on the days you are running/walking. You can modify the following sequence to suit your week,but don’t do Speed and Endurance runs back-to-back and stick to the recommended distance. Take it slow, and gradually improve your pace.

Week 3:

In your third week of training, you will now begin to feel a rhythm to your running. The secret to running well is consistency. Now that you have gradually improved your pace, it is time to be consistent with it for a while.

Week 4:

Some days you will feel great. Other days you will feel tired. Both types of days will show you that you are putting in the work and are on track to get where you need to be. The purpose of this week’s run is to recover after your last week’s run. Gradually build up speed so your last mile is your fastest.

Week 5:

You are a different athlete now than you were when this started. It’s time to do the work to become stronger, faster and better. Start slow and gradually build your speed so your last mile is way faster than your first. Running with consistency with prepare both your mind and body.

Week 6:

You are fit, strong and ready to take on any workout on any day. The miles will start to pass by more quickly. Make sure you appreciate what you have done and what you are doing. For the last three weeks of training, monitor your average pace over the course of your runs. The mix of pace and distance will serve as an important ingredient to your success.

Week 7:

You don’t taper. You sharpen. This week the speed picks up even more. It’s quality running from now on. You never stop. You only get better constantly, innit?Try and stick to a routine as your body is tuned to certain activities and timings over the course of the previous 6 weeks.

Week 8:

You’ve made it. This week, run strong and confident. Use what you have learned and the progress you have made. You are ready to take the line.

Between the first tries and finish lines, it’s always a life changing journey.

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