The Couch to 5k challenge opened up to a lot of excitement in Apollo Munich with people taking up wellness challenges, daring their friends to do the same, tracking their step count for each day and just getting better. All this, done with a common motive: celebrating health and fitness!

For the ones who are just getting started, here is a quick overview of the challenge.


Most of them have completed their mission for Week 1 and are moving ahead to Week 2.

The spirit and the count is on an all new rise. Have a look at the numbers.

 Challenges Taken
Steps Walked
8 kms

That apart, people are also listening to guided sessions on focus, anxiety and relaxation to refresh and relax themselves. They also shared their piece of mind by pushing their tips to the application thereby encouraging other people to take up the same challenge that they have taken and guiding them through that challenge.

           And the rockstars for the Week 1 are:

                           Sameera Singh

followed by Khushi Singh and Gopinath Vangari.

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