Webinar: Managing PCOD/PCOS

As we gear up for women’s day, here’s a webinar addressing a common problem in women: PCOD/PCOS.
PCOD vs PCOS – Are they the same? While both the conditions are related to the ovaries and cause hormonal disturbances, there are differences.

In this session, you can learn about: 

  1. Underlying problems with PCOD/PCOS
  2. Managing PCOD/PCOS with Nutrition
  3. The positive impact of Lifestyle changes and Mindful living in managing PCOD/PCOS

Date: March 5, Thursday
Presenter: Priya Jain (Nutritionist and health coach)

We Have 2 slots:

Slot 1: 11 AM – 12 PM IST

Slot 2: 2 PM – 3 PM IST


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