The modern age has made many things easier for mankind but with growing times, but it has also handed us a lot of responsibilities. Managing these responsibilities and juggling between various chores can be tiring. The word ‘stress’ has become so common in our vocabulary that somehow we have become okay with it.

Mental and emotional exhaustion because of stress can be as dangerous as a physical ailment and is not to be ignored or taken casually. This can disturb our normal flow of life which in turn affects our lifestyle, productivity, and relationships negatively. It is crucial for us to understand when our mind needs rest and to take some time off for its healing.

Here are few warning signs which will make it easier for you to understand if you or somebody around is going through the same.


The smallest things start affecting you, the things which were easily ignored earlier begin to irk you more than they normally would. If you feel someone isn’t behaving how you want them to behave will get on your nerves. It will feel like you’re surrounded by negativity and any small incident will annoy you.

When you notice this, it’s advisable to take a step back and try to understand what is happening. Give yourself some space. Try doing something which makes you feel comfortable and safe.

Feeling low and facing a lack of motivation

You will always have the fear of things falling apart. You will feel hopeless and it will be difficult to motivate yourself. Having faith becomes difficult as you tend to become pessimistic. Feeling low becomes a common state and the level of disinterest in things or activities around you increases.

In such a state of mind, it becomes crucial to not push yourself. You should rest and try to think positively. A change in one’s state of mind is required to deal with this.

Sleep problems

Many people experience inconsistent sleep, excessive sleeping or difficulty in sleeping when they’re stressed. Whatever the case is, you’ll feel tired and feel like not getting out of the bed.

It is important to put in the efforts required to sleep properly and to establish a sound sleep cycle. One can try meditation, staying away from gadgets or any other method that helps soothe the mind and not cause more distraction.


Crying isn’t a bad thing or a sign of weakness, but when it happens too often or is brought on abruptly, you need to pay attention to it. You tend to become more insensitive, break down often and start taking things too emotionally becomes common. Crying can increase your stress because after crying you might overthink the whole issue and it’ll become a vicious cycle every time you feel any unpleasant feeling like anger, guilt or shame.

You have to understand that it is okay to cry. And allow yourself to let go of those unpleasant emotions which caused your breakdown.


Worrying unnecessarily becomes a common state of mind. You’ll overthink things and normal tasks will begin to seem difficult. You will feel burdened and that might make things worse.

This can be a very tiring experience. You’ve to make yourself understand that not everything is your duty and learn to delegate work.

Mental fatigue can take a toll on your health. You have to understand that this is a temporary stage and can be overcome in many ways. Just be open to ideas and ask for help whenever it’s needed.

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