Summer is all about being comfortable. The heat can be an incredible irritant and makes most our wardrobe feel incredibly difficult to carry off. Something as staple as a pair of skinny jeans that are so amazing in winters can feel too clingy and uncomfortably hot during summers. Summers push us to find our comfort zone when it comes to clothing. Different climates around the country demand different apparel.

Here are some wardrobe essentials that you need to stock up on if you want to pass this summer in relative comfort and ease:


This is one piece of clothing that essentially announces that summer has arrived. Now, there are a number of different types of shorts that you might be tempted to buy for the summer. There are, however, a couple of things you need to be careful about when buying shorts. Make sure that you are buying only cotton shorts. They need to loose fitting. If they are too tight they may cause chafing and prove to be more uncomfortable than stylish. Choose airy shorts, ones that aren’t too clingy and allow you ease of movement for greater comfort.


Open toed sandals are the best for summers. They ensure that your feet are aired out and help avoid sweat from stinking up your shoes. Make sure that you aren’t wearing plastic flip-flops too often because they will make your feet sweat and make walking a highly slippery exercise. There are cloth or canvas sandals easily available in the market and online stores these days. They make for a wonderfully comfortable piece of attire for summers.

Loose Tees

Yet another summer staple, lose tees are the perfect thing to wear for a day out and about or even when you are going to bed. Try and make sure that you are buying tees that are light in color. Any dark shades will absorb too much heat and, despite the airy nature of the tees, become too hot for you to wear. Any tee that is skin tight or not made of cotton is something that you should probably be avoiding this summer.


Let’s face it, nobody wants to be squinting in the sun all day. If you are planning a day out during summer, or regularly have to drive a long way to and from work, sunglasses are a great investment. Not only do they protect your eyes against the glare of the sun, they also make sure that your eyes stay safe from all the dust that is flying around on the roads. Make sure that you get sunglasses with UV protection for added comfort.


Here is something that you need in summer but can also wear around the year. White shirts and/or tees are one of the biggest essentials of a wardrobe, be it of a guy or a girl. The color white not only helps you avoid getting overheated, it makes sure that you look your snazzy best. You can pair it with pants, cargo shorts, or even plain old leggings and a white shirt will never do you wrong. Stock up on these for a cool, comfortable summer.

Having the right wardrobe is half the battle won in keeping yourself comfortable this summer. Having said that, it is never a given that you will have to sacrifice style for comfort. For the smart dresser, there is always a way to be stylish while also being comfortable.

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