Art is a term often misused, and more often used as an elitist pronouncement. Creativity, in any form can be considered as an art, it doesn’t necessarily make you an artist, but it can definitely have a host of benefits for your mind. Painting, sculpting, writing and sketching are pursuits that can help you work through slump. These are skills that can be learned and have been a part of human civilization since man first learned to stand erect. Even sheer appreciation of art can have a very gratifying experience.

A research conducted at the University of Westminster conducted a research where participants were given a thirty five minute tour of an art gallery. It was found that these participants reported less stress after leaving the gallery than when they had entered. Their cortisol levels, the stress hormone, were in fact lower when they exited.

Stress is a part and parcel of life today. Young professionals often find themselves leading a life that is hectic and can cause massive stress, which can result in anxiety, mental disorders as well as memory impairment. Art is often called an act of mindful meditation, wherein you are using your mind and exploring expressions through a medium that is not essentially your own. The process is internal but the expression of it is external and it is this internal process that makes it meditative. Unlike popular perception, you do not have to be an artist to make art, a doodler can get as much benefits out of art as someone practicing it on a daily basis.


Creative pursuits helps your mind

A craft helps your mind better assess and analyze actions and can help it be more tuned to different perspectives and alternatives. Practicing art is not a passive act, and requires you to actively make something. It involves both your right brain as well as left brain equally, giving your mind a refreshing workout and the pleasure of creating something.


It has no definition

There is no particular box called art that you have to abide by. Anything that you do with love and create something interesting out of can be called art. It can be making candles, playing music, cooking or even gardening, art exists in a variety of forms, but that does not necessarily make you an artist.


Explore different sides of yourself

One of the best ways to get in touch with yourself, crafts like writing or painting can help you understand more about the workings of your mind. Styles of writing called free writing or stream of consciousness writing are all about letting your mind roam free and do are highly cathartic in nature.


Reignites your passion

Creating is an addictive process and doing it once is enough to make you want to do it again. If you feel that you have lost that spark of passion try a craft that you are comfortable with and try expressing whatever it is that you are feeling. The results will be astounding, creativity challenges the mind in ways rote work never can.


The perfect emotional outlet

Art can help you channel your anger, sadness, or even happiness in a creative way and help you stay afloat in an emotional tide. Art is a healer, this is the reason it is widely used in therapy for mental disorders. Use your creativity as a means for constructive catharsis and help your mind stay free from the negativity.

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