We spend our lives looking for ways to better ourselves. It is surprising that the way that we have allowed technology to become such a crutch for our existence. Regardless of the many many good things that technology can bring us when it becomes a dependency it can have some seriously ugly side-effects.

We can easily understand the importance of staying away from technology provided we try and do it in the first place. Some of the more insidious problems of technology addiction are not even felt until we have uprooted the problem itself. But to motivate you to give up on tech for a while, here are some really unexpected benefits of cutting yourself off from the digital world for some time:

Less Anxiety

Social media has made us all anxious wrecks. From being worried about who has got more followers to trying to tweet out every little detail of your life, it has become a competition and a game of one-upmanship. Being addicted to technology can keep you in a constant state of anxiety. From hearing ghost ringtones to rapid heartbeats every time you get a mail from your boss, technology can cause great stress. Give yourself a break from all that anxiety and step away from technology for some time.

More Productivity

In a world where more work seems to be done on computers than in any other way, this might seem a little counter-intuitive. But it really works. If you need to use the computer at work, make sure that you are giving up on technology in other areas of your life. Taking time away from technology can ensure that you have time to focus better and work with a more single-minded purpose. Imagine a day where you work without checking your phone for messages or social media updates even once, sounds productive doesn’t it?

Less Multitasking

If you have your phone on hand you are usually doing two to three things at once. If you find that you are prone to multitasking then stepping away from technology may ensure that you can focus on a single task better. It will be easier for you to complete tasks and do so with more concentration and the job will be more satisfying. Give up on using your smartphone at work and reduce the number of tabs you keep open at work. This will ensure that you minimize multitasking opportunities.

A Healthier You

Being addicted to technology can make you physically unhealthy. From causing your neck pain, eye strain and even obesity, being addicted to technology can adversely affect your health. Taking a break from technology can ensure that you can spend more time focusing on your health. Give yourself a break from sitting at your desk and take a walk in the park, go for a jog or even hit the gym. Once you take a break from technology, you will find yourself with more free time which can be used to make yourself healthier.

A Better Schedule

Stepping away from technology can ensure that you are spending more time focusing on your priorities. It takes away a lot of the distractions that come with screen time and gives you the opportunity to catch up with work that you need to finish. It will sort out your priorities and allows you to function with more efficiency and focus through the day.


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