All work and no play make…

So goes the adage. But is it only relevant to young kids? It is that only kids get dull? The large populaces of IT professionals (well this doesn’t really stop at those working only for IT) working around me too have a similar problem. They don’t seem to give me a feeling of inspiration! I don’t see “life” filled with energy in them.

I really don’t see many of them getting to new things – all the time they do nothing other than watch movies or sit in front of the television – “relaxing”. Is this really relaxing? The mind of this duration is entrapped into the television or the movie and gives the sense of a temporary relief, but over a longer duration one would have really lost out on hours that could have been employed elsewhere and into something more engaging and enriching.

Everyone has a unique way of spending time in a manner that rejuvenates oneself – but what I feel people really don’t do is get out of their comfort zone and try something new. Our mind loves to do what is likes. It pulls us into the direction it loves wandering. You could make better use of it if you define or confine your mind a bit too. It could help if you add in a little bit extra in every thing you do. And before you know, you have really beaten what you thought you would never reach!

Yes, the point I am trying to make is the lack of effort we put in exploring and then improving and if possible excelling at what we attempt to do. It is time that we as people begin realizing that exploring an alternate side is very useful. I have heard many people say – “I never knew I could really do this!”

It is time we move away from being lazy and engage ourselves in going beyond what we immediately know. A constant attempt to improve, is something that we never consciously engage with. And even if we engage with something, we behave as if it’s a competitive advantage and attempt to safeguard it to an extent that it doesn’t transmit beyond the brain that has created it.

I never thought I could actually do some digital media marketing. I took up community event marketing and realized it is no rocket science, and over the weekend I was able to get a lot more knowledge and experience from what I did. I was extremely thrilled at what I was able to learn. I think this has to become a sustained practice by everyone.

It is also in sharing that knowledge gets fertile. The experiences of everybody and the interpretation of the scenario at hand help knowledge grow and mature.

It is time all of us attempt to move away from the usual, try something new, improve steadily, and share what we learn. You never know what legacy you might leave behind.

Try Something New

[Guest post by Sachidananda Benegal]

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