In this fast-paced age of getting things done, we often forget about maintaining that fine balance between life and work. It is no surprise to see professionals work almost a hundred hours every week and leave little to no time for their selves. Failing to make time for yourself is not only harmful to your psyche it is also severely detrimental to your health. It can cause a severe strain on your body as well as your relationships and family.

Making sure that you get your work done but still manage to find time for yourself and your family can be that defining factor for true professional success. Here are some tips from CEO’s on work life balance.

Richard Branson – CEO,Virgin Airways

‘I don’t divide work and play: It is all living.’

Over and above being the CEO of one of the glossiest companies in the world,Branson is also the proud father of two amazing children. He believes that if you are struggling to juggle your home life and your career, chances are that both can suffer.His philosophy is simple, just like the landslide of appointments he faces everyday he books time to spend with his family. He even goes to the extent of putting it down in his diary. Colleagues, he says, are a life-saver in times like these. If you need to go home on an emergency it is them that you will count on, and situations like this are almost certain to happen with family.

Kim Shepherd – CEO, Decision Toolbox

‘We should rethink what we are really after as ‘life balance’.’

In an address to the University of California, Irvine, Shepherd made clear her ideas on achieving work life balance. Her idea is simple, we’ve got only one shot at this life, so become as efficient as you can be and leverage technology to help you blend work with your life. But while at it, ensure that work does not become your life.

Randi Zuckerberg – CEO, Zuckerberg Media

‘Surround yourself with brilliant people who can help you get that balance and realize your dreams.’

This mother of a toddler and a half-year old baby is one of the most powerful CEO’s on the planet and also a master at work-life balance, as is clearly evidenced. She does not mince her words when she says, ask for help. You cannot achieve everything at work or in your life, by yourself. Find the right people, both at work and around you,that can help you further your goal of work-life balance while you do the same for them.

Mark Weinberger – CEO, EY

‘You are going to feel guilty about things that you are not doing … but if you are not there (for them) today then you won’t get your family’s understanding and permission tomorrow.’

Weinberger made sure that before taking up the CEO position he had the permission from his family. The only condition laid down was that he should not maintain all family commitments. In the same vein he politely denied the opportunity to take a selfie with the thousands of employees of EY on China’s great wall as he had to make it back home for his daughter’s driving test.

Work-life balance, needless to say, is something that is crucial not only for making sure you are working at your best but also to ensure that you are paying attention to all the priorities in your life.

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