How frequently have you heard yourself saying, you don’t have enough time? Being a little organised in life can really make things easier for you. While it does increase your productivity and efficiency,   it also gives you the gift of time. Imagine not having to postpone the things work won’t let you do for the weekend. Being organised allows you to take control. A bit of planning and prioritizing every day  can help you gain that extra hour you were pining for in bed this morning, or that free lunch hour you needed to go watch your son’s game. This not only gives you a relief mentally, but also reduces stress.

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Here are some incentives for you to get more organized:

Make connections

If the dining table is the only place you’re seeing the faces of your loved ones, it’s a sign that you’re not managing your time right. Though earning bread is a huge priority, it’s important to invest time in things that matter. Your work can never give you the love and joy of connecting with the people around you. Even if you don’t have a say in your working hours, being more efficient saves you time. Organizing work helps you get more done, faster and with less. The time you save can be spent on leisure activities with the family, hanging out with friends or even community service. In fact, research shows that human connection is the secret to happiness.

Take Time for Yourself. it’s very rare for a person’s hobby to be their profession. Consequently a lot of people spend the majority of their day not doing the things they love. But if you manage to be smart about your work, you can make time for the things you’re really passionate about. You could find the time to learn anything that fascinates you, like a foreign language, new techniques of cooking, or how to play a jazz instrument. Having the day well planned lets you sneak in a couple of hours of me-time. Solitude is a brilliant aid for reflection and self awareness. Take the time to get to know yourself better and maybe indulge in some pampering.


Everyone enjoys a good story. Unfortunately we often get too busy with our own stories to enjoy another’s. Being more organized in your day-to-day work buys you the time to read more. You could easily shorten the list of books you wanted to read, without waiting for the summer.

Watching a movie, in spite of being a popular source of entertainment, is a serious investment of time. It won’t take less than two hours, which happens to be a twelfth of your day. But if you’re smart about your work, you could watch a new movie every day.

Pack your bags

Did you miss out on the Weekender because of you couldn’t meet your boss’s deadline? Planning and prioritizing gets work done before time. Organized employees manage to get a bonus as well as complete things by the weekend. They travel without any work associated worries or guilt. You too have the power to do that.

If you’re bubbling with wanderlust but cannot catch a break from work, being more organized is the solution. You could finally visit that friend who keeps inviting you, or go looking for an adventure by yourself. Finding a little bit of time every day can stack up to a big reward at the end of the month.

Anything you want

The best thing about finding free time in your day is the choices it brings. You don’t need anyone to tell you how to spend that time because it you who has earned it. You can shamelessly indulge in the luxury of doing nothing at all. Whatever tickles your fancy; the world is your oyster.

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