Bored of doing the same set of activities all day over and over again? Is your everyday lifestyle draining all your energy out constantly? Is your work stress affecting your productivity? Do you feel that life is not exciting anymore?

Here is a one-stop solution to all these problems: The Unlock happiness Campaign at MARSH

The Unlock Happiness campaign brings you a variety of healthy activities, each coupled with an exciting habit to make your day a little better, every day. Once you begin this campaign, it would only be happiness, excitement, and positivity ahead of you.

You can now crush your goals, stay mindful, be totally stress-free and start being more productive all in just 60 days. So, are you ready to be the best version of yourself? Are you ready to take life on and get the best out of it every day?

These 60 days of unlocking happiness come with 8 weeks of easy but life-changing challenges that include:

Regular meditation,  replacing coffee with green tea, regular walks after dinner, staying calm, taking regular breaks, being positive and having a good sleep.

All it takes from you is just one step towards unlocking the best version of yourself. Come aboard. Together, let’s make health and happiness a way of our lives.

You can also track your activities, habits, and stand a chance to win an exciting gift upon the successful completion of the journey.

Let’s know more about the habits that can unlock the happiness in you.

  1. Meditate for 10 Minutes in The Morning:

    The most important thing to do in the morning once you’re up is to wake up your body from the inside. If you sleep early, you can wake up early. This can help you save a lot of time and finish most of your daily activities before you head out and start your day. Once you wake up, find a peaceful spot and start meditating. Start your day with freshness and a calm mind. To not miss out on this habit, you can buddy up with your friend. Together, you can start your day fresh and with full of energy.

  2. Turn Off Your Phone Notifications for the First Half of Work:

    Improved productivity is something a lot of us have been trying hard to achieve. First off, it is important to focus on the job at hand. If you can stop multitasking, that would save you a lot of mental stress and help you accomplish the task at hand with perfection. So, start your day with a to-do list and minimise all your potential distractions. Once you start prioritizing your tasks, you can validate yourself and know where are you spending those extra minutes. You can use these crucial extra minutes to finish the most important tasks of the day. So, avoid your distractions, be more productive, and stay happy with a sense of satisfaction by practising this habit.

  3. Replace one cup of coffee with green tea

    The immunity-boosting health benefits of the super drink green tea are very well-known. If you can include green tea in your regular diet program, your health and fitness goals are easier to achieve. It detoxifies your body naturally, keeps your skin young, and helps you stay energetic. You can sip a cup of green tea with your breakfast, or after you’re back from a long day of work. Having a cup of green tea before your workout can refresh you from the inside and keeps you prepared. So, replace a cup of coffee with this health drink and never go low on energy again. Take up the habit ‘Replace one cup of coffee with green tea’ and track it on

  4. Take deep breaths for 5 minutes before a meeting

    Taking deep breaths before a meeting can help your mind to calm down. When you are not nervous, it always helps you in decision making. So, you can start calming your nerves by inhaling and exhaling for 10 seconds each. When you are calm headed, you can always think better. Try practising the habit of taking deep breaths before a meeting and feel a refreshing change in you. Now, you can also win a surprise gift upon the successful completion of the journey. So, get ready to breathe stress out welcome relaxation.

  5.  Walk for 10 minutes after 90 minutes of work

    Now that you’re close to unlocking the happiness inside you, let us take a break. Yes, taking regular breaks not only helps avoid monotony, but it also keeps your mind and body fresh and active throughout the day. After 90 minutes of work, you can take a walk to the cafeteria, sip some green tea, take stairs and maybe go to someplace calm and do some breathing exercises. Regular breaks boost your creativity and help you relax and unwind. Breaks are your energisers. You can make the best of them by doing a short 5-minute mindful meditation or even listening to your favourite tracks on the headphones. Do not forget, you will win a surprise gift when you successfully take up and complete the journey.

  6. Keeping Your phones away 60 minutes before sleeping.

    None of us likes to wake up groggy and stressed out, especially on a day that’s packed with meetings and tasks. A good night’s sleep is the best energiser for your body and mind. Excess usage of electronic gadgets like mobile phones, PCs, and tablets negatively affect your sleep. In the #UnlockHappiness campaign, you can better your sleep and give the body the sleep it needs, by ceasing all electronic usage an hour before sleeping. Your sleep can be easier and satisfactory once your eyes are away from the blue light emitted by your mobile phones and laptop screens. Also, before hitting the bed, you can have a glass of warm milk, and go to sleep in a bedroom that’s cool and noise free. Sounds perfect right? Get ready to unlock your happiness by taking up this habit and energise your mind and body with a relaxing sleep.

  7. Note 2 positive things each day in a journal

    Being thankful for all that you have is a great way to stay happy. To unlock the happiness inside you, you can start noting down anything that has made you happy in a journal. Once you make a habit of writing down the positive things in your life, you tend to get more positive, stress-free, and emotionally strong. So, get ready to be grateful, confident and happy. Take up the habit ‘Note 2 positive things each day in a journal’, and make happiness a way of life.

  8. Walk for 15 minutes after dinner

    One of the important factors for a sound sleep is the proper digestion of the food. Post dinner walks help you digest your food better, faster, and increase your metabolic rate. When you take regular walks, you can increase your bone strength and also maintain a healthy body weight.  So many positives for your health in just 15 minutes? Yes, try it out yourself. You can take up this simple habit, track it on and stand a chance to win a surprise gift.

    So, are you ready to better your health, be more, do more, and stay positive every day? Are you ready to unlock happiness? Then gear up to welcome the new you!

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