Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered what happened to the diet plans you made? The festivities brought you sweets and gifts that wrapped you up in guilt. Now you just want to get back on track before the next holiday feast begins, and makes you bloat up, once again!
If you feel different on the outside and want to bring a change to the inside, trust us when we say, a simple switch is all it takes.
Positive changes await you during the next eight weeks of wonder. Are you ready to switch to the right side?
Our journey will take you on an adventure that consists of 4 Challenges, including: Eat Fruits As Evening Snacks, Limit Soda/Soft Drinks, Play Outdoor Games, Wake Up Early.

1. Eat Fruits As Evening Snacks                      ||Nov 14 – Nov 25||

The first step is to switch to a better lifestyle with, Eat Fruits As Evening Snacks instead of fried food.
Eating fruit provides many health benefits — people who eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Fruits provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body.
Add some colour to your life with oil free snacks like delicious and nutricious fruits coupled with roasted nuts and seeds for snack lovers!
Take up the challenge ‘Eat Fruits As Evening Snacks’ under the Diet category to start the habit.
Earn points and stand a chance to win a Healthy Snacks Gift Hamper!

2. Limit Soda/Soft Drinks||Nov 28- Dec 9||

The second step is to switch from Limit Soda/Softdrinks to chilled and delicious fruit juices.
Don’t let soft drinks fizzle your health out, make you crave more sweets, but artificial sweeteners also contribute to weight gain by slowing your metabolism.
Get rewarded by earning points and stand a chance to win a Fruit Infuser Water Bottle so that you can make homemade alternatives that help you develop a taste for naturally sweet and healthy flavors.
Take up the habit ‘Limit Soda/Soft Drinks’ on your gameboard.

3.Play Outdoor Games ||Dec 12- Dec 23||

The third step is to switch from couch-sitter  to Playing Outdoor Games.
Why go outside, you ask? It increases oxygen levels and that has shown to prevent and decrease cancer growth.
Soaking up the sunshine outside can also decreases confusion, anger, depression and tension, when compared with exercising indoors!
So put aside the console, remote or phone for a little while and earn points and stand a chance to win a Badminton Racquet!
Take up the habit ‘Play Outdoor Games’ on your Gameboard.

4. Wake Up Early||Dec 26 -Jan 6||

The final step is to switch from hitting the snooze button to waking up early.
Why rise with the sun,you ask?  Once you wake up early, you find time to exercise, relive your hobbies, or meditate. One change can lead to multiple subsequent changes in the body and you automatically have time to do more!

So put your phone away, cut out on caffeine and clock in 8 good hours of sleep at the right time to earn points and stand a chance to win a cool backpack!
Take up the habit ‘Wake Up Early’ on your Gameboard.

Are you ready to switch to looking at the mirror with happiness? Let the image be the reflection of a changed person with healthy habits throughout the year!
Head over to Zoojoo.be, take up the habits, make the switch and emerge as your better, healthier self.

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