Hey all!
We, at Zoojoobe believe in evolution, and our product evolves  with us.
We have created a brand new habit forming algorithm to make your habit formation journey, simpler and clearer.
It’ll help us give you a more accurate prediction of the days required to form a habit.
Come, let’s find out what’s new and different about it.
Old Habit Algorithm:
  • In the olden days, your habit score was calculated based on the automaticity values of users under observation.
New Habit Algorithm:
  •  The old feature which displayed both the habit score and the days required to form the habit has been stripped down to a state where only the days required are displayed.
  •  The major change in the new algorithm being that the User Behaviour Pattern is taken into consideration.
  • User Behaviour Pattern also helps with taking a user’s consistency into account. To elaborate, a user who does the activity continuously ( a pattern of Y-Y-Y*) will form the habit in less than 21 days.
  • Users who are inconsistent (not) might need 21 days or even more to complete their habit formation journey.
  • Users who are halfway through their habit formation process i.e. the ones who are under the process of forming a habit, will be evaluated based on the new algorithm.
Other important information related to the change
  •  Users who have NOT formed habit based on the old algorithm might form the habit based on the new algorithm
  •  Points and Targets mechanism is still unaffected and works the same way as it used to.
So go on and feel the breeze of fresh air through our brand new habit algorithm! May the habit forming force be with you!
*Y – stands for Yes, which implies a successful completion of the activity.

What do you think?