Doing yoga in the office can be fun, innovative and relaxing with many long term benefits. Prolonged work on the computer strains the neck, shoulder and back muscles, which leads to tension and stiffness. Unless attended to properly, it could impact your ability to function effectively at the workplace, affecting your overall quality of life. Office yoga comprises of a sequence of simple exercises you can perform quite unobtrusively at your desk, at any time of the day.

Making office yoga exercises a part of your routine can work wonders as they wipe away body pain, fatigue and tension and increase overall muscle strength and flexibility, keeping you fresh and revitalized through the day. The exercises don’t demand much time, and can be done in spurts throughout the day, sparing you from unnecessary discomfort in the long run. Here are some exercises that you can do at your workplace.

Wrist movement:

While you were busy browsing the web to collate ideas for the best presentation, or research for the best annual report, your wrist was crying for help due to lack of support. Lift your hands from the front to the level of your shoulders, and form a fist, not too tight. Move your fist in circular motion, with two sets each in clock and anti-clock direction. Gently open your wrists, with palm facing down, and move them up and down. While you take your palm up, stretch it back gently and slowly bring them down again. After repeating it twice, move your fingers freely, to relax them and give some movement that is comfortable.

Bend to pick up the fallen pencil:

Move away from your desk and face the colleague sitting behind you. Stretch your legs as far as possible and bend down to touch your toes, while sitting on the chair. Bend down and hold for 30 seconds and slowly get-up to sit with straight back, and shoulders at the back, not dropped. This yoga is best performed standing, as it also gives your legs a breather. Unless you have a back injury or a bad backache, do not practice this without supervision, as it can worsen the pain.


No, do not shrug off your responsibility, this ‘shrug’ movement is only to help your shoulder and neck relax. Keep your hands on your lap and shrug your shoulders- move them up and down. After 2 sets, move them in circular motions, and also gently pull them back and front to feel a subtle stretch on your back. You can also accompany this by moving your neck in circular motions.

Pull yourself up:

Yes, quite literally. Take your hands to the back and hold them tight. Now while your hands are clasped, gently pull them to experience a movement in your shoulders. Now while in the position where your chest is forward, shoulders pulled back, hold for 30 seconds and look up. Inhale while in this position and exhale while coming back to normal posture.

Foot rotation:

Sticking to your chair for hours together waiting for that important call from your client or an urgent e-mail your boss wants you to answer. Move away from your desk in such a way that you can easily see your feet. Gently rotate your right foot clock wise from the ankle 3 times, repeat the same with your left foot. After completing the first set with each foot, move each anti-clock wise three times.

Featured Image Source: Huffington Post


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