Tiresome travels, endless meetings, long hours of work, late night shifts, staring at the computer screens forever- these are things that any IT employee can easily relate to. And with days passing by, every IT guy has a giant list of excuses from the things he always wanted to do.” I should probably get more sleep today.”, his inner voice tells him. But his heart is tricked into watching the next season of the Game of Thrones or his latest movie downloaded from Torrentz. Goes without saying he’s probably munching on a bowl of chips or biscuits while glued to his laptop screen.

Recently we had the pleasure of talking to VijayaBabu Sithalingam, an associate from Unisys, who has been in the IT industry for the past 10 years. He tells us about his struggles to battle the little temptations and his slow, steady journey into a happier and a fitter lifestyle. Excerpts from the man himself, who has “Been There, Done That.”

Vijay is a graduate and based in TamilNadu. He relocated to Bangalore in connection to his IT job and has been in the industry ever since. Vijay used to be an active sports person in his school and college days. But, since the time he has joined work he hasn’t be been able to play much.

“I used to play sports during my school and college days. After joining IT could not get time to involve in any kind of sports. I became very obese and wanted to reduce my weight. I started going to gym and started doing yoga. That was the time Zoojobe came up with a challenge of doing Yoga. I took up that challenge and suprsingly came as a winner too. This motivated me to make a habit and to have a better lifestyle for myself.”

Sedentary lifestyles, are undoubtedly taking a toll, on men and women alike. And Vijay was smart enough to realise this and also his notable increase in weight. Though it’s hard, Vijay has managed to make a habit of hitting the gym every morning. And the results were positive of course.

“Going to Gym is the healthiest habit I possess. I wake up early in the morning and go to gym. I have got some friends in the gym who motivate me and give me a tip or two on losing weight. They also share stories of how they were when they initially joined the gym and how they have managed to reduce weight and build their body in a short period of time. Now,I feel very light and my mind is very fresh for the entire full day. I don’t feel tired anymore.”

Tackling temptations is the hardest part of all.When you are pursuing a healthy goal, there is a high probability that you could be battling against a lot of guilty pleasures. It’s about how you stop your cravings and reason them that makes all the difference. For this, we will have to understand ourselves better and see what we can do that makes us overcome those temptations.There is no hard or fast rule in this.Each of us have our own ways of dealing with things, right? Though he still struggles to resist his desires for sweets and chocolates.

“This is really a tough job to deal with the conflict of interest between heart and brain. I over come this by paying amount to gym on a quarterly basis instead of on a monthly one.So my heart will keep reminding me about the money that’s been paid and that it would be wasted if I don’t go.”

“I am fond of sweets right from my childhood. I have been trying a lot to reduce the consumption of sweets but I could not do it. It’s very difficult because I am very addicted to sweets.”

Lifestyle goals are not boring. It all depends on the way we go about carrying out those lifestyle goals.While it might seem difficult in the beginning, once we make our resolutions a part of our lifestyle, there is no better going.

“Any doctor now advices only 3 things majorly. Brisk Walk for 30 mins, Less/ No fried food items, Relax yourself by sleeping for atleast 7 hours daily. So if we alter our lifestyles now ,we can live longer, healthier and stronger.”

He also believes in making a priority list for himself for all his tasks and checks off each item starting top to bottom. That is how he handles his tasks when they are in abundant numbers.

And about what keeps him going, he says he adores Steve Jobs and quotes his favourite of sayings from Jobs.

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”



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