You have seen it on TV, you’ve heard it from the experts, came across countless articles and factoids, even your mother told you not to do it, and yet we all have skipped “the most important meal of the day” aka breakfast. Skipping breakfast is bad, no argument there, but apparently it’s not bad enough to stop people from doing it. So here we are going to try and explore why we really dodge the morning meal and what happens when we do from the point of view of a working professional.

A professional needs to always be on the top of his/her game. They have to think, apply their skills and resolve issues among a host of other duties. Now if their stomach is churning with hunger that is definitely not going to help focus on work.

5 Reasons you shouldn’t be skipping breakfast:

1. You always have the time to eat breakfast

Excuses like the alarm didn’t go off or you didn’t sleep right are just that, excuses. Making time for breakfast will not only help you it will also help you wake up on time. Taking some time to eat properly when you are running late will not only give you a moment to breathe and reduce anxiety, but it will also help your productivity and efficiency. Not having breakfast reduces your concentration level, energy level, memory recall and impulse control, all of which are essential for a good work day

2. Breakfast for the brain

Even if you are not hungry, it doesn’t matter, have some cereal or a pancake it will help you through the day. Your body needs it, but your brain wants it. When awake, the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb. The time difference between when you had dinner and when you will have lunch is in at least 12 hours. That’s a lot of time. The brain does not take a break and it needs its energy.


3. A burst of energy that lasts through the day

Breakfast is the first meal you have since dinner. Once you skip breakfast your body begins to burn fat from your cells in an effort to gain energy to work. Your brain, comprised of 60% fat, also comes into play. This is the reason why most of us feel lazy or tired early in the workday. Also a heavy breakfast will help you have a small lunch thus making sure you don’t feel lazy in the hazy post-lunch work session.

4. It helps your digestive system

A healthy breakfast gives your digestive system a nice jumpstart and helps in making sure your bowels are functioning well. Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day it is also the best meal of the day, make sure you enjoy it.

5. Skipping breakfast can cause a lot of damage

From stress related disorders to eating disorders, skipping breakfast is one of the unhealthiest habits a working individual can form. It is the closest man comes to voluntarily starving himself everyday.

Whatever your compunctions, eat your cereal and make a habit of having a wholesome breakfast because not only will it save you some brain cells, it is psychologically and physiologically enriching. A breakfast of champions, will help you bring you’re a-game everyday making you the best, you can be.

What do you think?