urlGuess what you Bazinga fans? On tonight’s episode, you get to embrace gaming at home that “All Started With The Big Bang”.

It’s amazing how much fun these guys have at home during Game Night, with the perfect group of friends, as they share the same admiration for hilariously coping with the challenges of Sheldon’s rules or communication issues, while hitting all the comedic check boxes of living life!

As we witness each season, we see how close this group becomes and how they bounce happiness off of each other because they know they can count on Game Night to exact revenge for a discrepancy or prank that happened earlier that day or week, beat their opponents, put all their frustrations into the game and have a blast and then go back to being best friends.

These ordinary games become extraordinary when they are played Big Bang Theory style. The energy among the people involved transform the games into a form of light indoor exercise.

And so it begins! Grab your friend or loved ones, call them over and let “social protocol” dictate good times, laughter and healthy takeout food!


This may not be the ever so “competitive” game of Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock, but even if it’s a simple game, Pictionary is truly unpredictable and so much fun!

Correct guessing and visual interaction between two friends can build a deeper bond like it did with Amy and Penny while they played Pictionary.

P.S: Draw a glass of milk if you’re going to be drawing a chocolate chip cookie. (Advice from Sheldon)


Things you’ll need: 2 people who wear glasses, 2 Where’s Waldo Books.

Ask your friends to take their glasses off and try to find Waldo. This game is highly entertaining to watch. Leonard and Amy seemed to have fun challenging each other to a Blind Off as the room filled with excitement and anticipation.


Things You Will Need: 2 Lightsaber, 2 White Boards (per player)

To play this game, contestants are required to bend and place their head on a fully erected Lightsaber and spin around it in circles and then rush over to do a division problem whilst still dizzy. The person that reaches the white board and solves the puzzle correctly first, takes all the glory home!


For this game, the contestants have to place both arms behind and dive in head first, and unless you accidentally snort a blueberry up your nose (like Sheldon did), keep going.

To make the pie eating healthy, choose a gluten free crust and use beneficial ingredients for the filling like a berry flavoured protein powder and FRESH well diced fruits. (no nose injuries please). The first one to finish the pie wins and gets to eat a free pie! A win for everybody whether you win or lose!

So whether it’s the Battle of the Sexes ( Girls vs Guys), or if it’s a Battle of the Ages ( Parents vs Kids) or  a Battle of the Couples (Try this on date night) these games are terrific for playing at home and they deliver! You would be amazed at how much you’d enjoy yourselves.

So kick your weekend off with this host of TBBT inspired light indoor activities!

What do you think?