How to ‘Take Health Challenges’ on

Once you login to, you will get to the ‘Gameboard‘ section. Here you can take predefined challenges from any of the categories given. Just click on the ‘+‘ button to select a habit of your choice.



Set a target for yourself and set your choice of reminders as well. We’ll send you reminders on the date and time you wish to be reminded. This increases your chances of success by over 75%. Click on Next.


Click on ‘Allow’ to enable browser notifications.


You can also invite a friend to share your journey with as well as download our mobile app. Click on ‘Finish’ and you will have the habit added to your gameboard.



Great! It’s now time to begin your journey!

Update your activity everyday, compete with your friends, dare them, show some swag and look forward to a healthier, happier you!

Good luck!


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