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5 Tips for Professionals to Spend More Time with Their Families

Some tasks cannot be avoided at times, but then, at that time ask yourself whether that particular task has to be done right away or it can wait.

5 Ways Processed Food Is Poisoning Your Body

Preservatives are often used in processed food to give it a longer shelf life,these can hurt your body a lot. Phosphates, also used as preservatives, can cause bone loss and even kidney damage
flush nicotine out of your body

6 Foods That Flush Nicotine out of Your Body

This zesty little root can help you combat your nicotine cravings like nothing else. Chewing on a little bit of raw ginger can help you power through your withdrawal with no relapses. It also aids in a healthy metabolism and weight loss as well as reduces the amount of toxins in your system.
healthy alternatives

5 Healthy Alternatives for Your Food Cravings

Divide up your snacks around your meals so that you don’t go more than five hours without a snack.

5 Vegetarian Sources of Protein That You Must Consider

The quotation ‘Good things come in small packages’ rightly fits to the category of nuts. These nutritional powerhouses are full of heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Almost all nuts are equal in terms of calories, but the quantity of nuts to be consumed has always been debatable. Remember, moderation is the key.
how to declutter your mind and find peace

3 Simple Tips to Declutter Your Mind and Find Peace

Take a Meditative walk, slowly understanding your walk patterns, observing your own footprints(if on the beach),listening to the sound of nature and humans that you otherwise miss to listen to in your daily routine.This is much more easier to adopt than the sitting forms of meditation while it's equally refreshing as well.

Here’s Why You Should Let Go of Negativity in Your Life

Blaming others for something or the other is actually the outcome of our search for somebody who can take responsibility for something. Forcing somebody to take the blame is actually our way of releasing our negative energy that will in turn weaken us internally. Accepting responsibility will on the other hand, will make you feel more positive.

Here’s How to Take Care of Someone Who Is Just out of Stroke

Never be afraid of exercising after a heart attack. Get him/her started with light exercises and gradually take a pace. But don’t indulge in lifting heavy weights.

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