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how holidays help in wellness

How Holidays Can Help Your Wellness

The everyday life of a professional makes a machine out of him/her who is enslaved to schedules, targets, deadlines, and meetings. This creates a certain ennui that affects not only the mental wellbeing but also the productivity of a professional.

5 Must Watch Ted Talks on Health and Wellness

If you are familiar with the internet you will definitely be familiar with TED, short for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Staying true to their slogan, ideas worth spreading, TED talks bring you talks from leading minds in their fields talking on a variety of subjects, from architecture to cardiovascular health, for free.

We live in a world where very few people spend time in taking care of their health let alone keeping in mind what it takes to stay balanced in today’s world. A lot of these talks revolve around the growing awareness about the importance of health and wellness. These talks are interesting, interactive, fun, and most of all, carry a powerful message along with them. Take for example Jamie Oliver’s famous ‘teach every child about food’ talk or polar explorer Ben Saunder’s talk ‘don’t bother leaving the house’,they pack a mighty punch.

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