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Interview with Yogesh

Meet Yogesh Bajpai, a Lead Solution Architect from ITC Infotech

Meet Mr. Yogesh Bajpai, a lead solution architect from ITC Infotech, Pune. He is 35 years old and a proud father of a young daughter. Apart from his profession, he loves travelling and has been travelling for the past 12 years. He is an extremely health conscious person and he says, for him, taking care of his health is as basic as having food and drinking water.
Interview with Ankit B

Meet Ankit Bhattacharjee from Mindtree

Meet Ankit Bhattacharjee, an IT professional from Mindtree. In a quick interview with, he shares his obsession about being healthy and about how he follows diligent workout regimes and healthy diet patterns with ease.

Meet the Guy Who Builds Pre Amplifiers and Car Grills

Meet this multitalented associate from Unisys, who has extremely diversified hobbies. He goes on long drives, treks and also builds his own Pre-Amplifiers. He does not just stop with that, he also goes on to build his car’s grill in mesh as a DIY effort.
Meet Srini

Srinivas Kalburgi on Reliving His Hobbies

Meet Srinivas Kalburgi , a Unisys associate from Bangalore, and a huge save-our-planet patron. While he is enjoying his favourite Bisibelebath and Carrot halwa, we stop by for a quick conversation with him, to know more about him and his life with while he is 'Reliving his hobbies' .
Tips on Work Life Balance

Tips on Work-Life Balance

Ruchika Tiwary, is one of our most engaged users, who is also among the Top 20 women users of from Mindtree. With Woman's day around the corner, we had the privilege to have an interview with her.We got to know more about her and finding out how she perfectly juggles between personal and professional life; all this while keeping her fit and healthy.

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