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healthy habit

Share your healthy habit with

The theme of the contest is ‘My Healthy Habit’, where you can share statuses/pictures/posts about what is your healthy habit. You also get to share the entire journey on how it makes your life better.

Meet the Guy Who Builds Pre Amplifiers and Car Grills

Meet this multitalented associate from Unisys, who has extremely diversified hobbies. He goes on long drives, treks and also builds his own Pre-Amplifiers. He does not just stop with that, he also goes on to build his car’s grill in mesh as a DIY effort.
Meet Srini

Srinivas Kalburgi on Reliving His Hobbies

Meet Srinivas Kalburgi , a Unisys associate from Bangalore, and a huge save-our-planet patron. While he is enjoying his favourite Bisibelebath and Carrot halwa, we stop by for a quick conversation with him, to know more about him and his life with while he is 'Reliving his hobbies' .

Meet the Day Dreamer, Manisha Thakur

We met up with this bunch of energy from Unisys, a Quality Analyst by profession and a traveller by heart. In this fun interview with her, read her open up about her dancing skills, love for pets and her extreme bias towards shoes! No wonder she owns 35 pairs of them :)
Vijayababu Sithalingam

The Life of an IT Employee

Tiresome travels, endless meetings, long hours of work, late night shifts, staring at the computer screens forever- these are things that any IT employee can easily relate to.

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