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know stroke better

World Stroke Day – Causes, Symptoms & Cure!

Reduce or stop the alcohol use as it is one of the major causes of stroke worldwide.

To Quit Smoking – A Practical Approach

This article is relevant in the following if you:

  • Want to quit smoking
  • Have tried to quit smoking several times and haven’t succeeded
  • Want to help someone who is struggling to quit smoking

What cigarettes contain and how it’s controlling you?

Cigarette contains around 40 known cancer-causing compounds, including nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide. Nicotine is the highly addictive stimulant drug that makes you want to smoke again. When you puff on a cigarette, your brain gets a blast of nicotine within seconds; not even an injection could work that fast.

Cigarette carvings can kick in whenever your brain notices a shortfall of drug. Carvings can also start whenever you get a “cue” that it’s time to smoke. Smoking is both physically and mentally addictive.

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