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Wake Up To The Truth Behind These Five Sleep-Related Myths

Too little sleep is bad for your health and your image

No More Mr. Night Guy

How many times have you burned the midnight oil, just swiping up on your Facebook News feed, or binging on seasons of Game of Thrones and House of Cards

5 Ways Sleep Is Crucial to Your Well-being

Staying up late often entails eating a lot of unhealthy snacks and having too many caffeinated drinks, both of which can turn out to be more of a problem for your body than you think.

5 Reasons to Switch-off Those Late Night movies and Go to Sleep

Watching the television or movies on your computer late into the night is something most of us do. However, this pattern is something that will not only affect your sleep patterns but also your efficiency the next day.
A Summer to Remember

5 Ways to Make This a Summer You Remember

The idea is that setting super easy goals would mean consistent success in achieving the goals. Not just that, the positive feedback the success gives you eventually turns the actions into lifelong habits.

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