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Tag: procrastination


Importance of Starting Small

Yes, everybody wants to change their lifestyle, want to be better then yesterday, and starts to build new habit enthusiastically, but most of them certainly fail in their first week. They would not be able to keep up their commitment, and tend to lose track and get back to their old routine with in second week either consciously or unconsciously. What would be the reason for this failure at their start? Here it is…

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Procrastinating Is Not Always Bad. Here’s Why

Sometime back I was thinking if I had to write articles or not. My thoughts were holding me back were:

What if I don’t present my idea in a pleasing manner? What if someone finds some mistake in it? What if someone makes something better than this? Then it struck to me… Well, there will be someone who has done these things earlier, why should I do some thing new? Why should I not follow that…? I might be happy with agreeing 90% with some one!! Then why should I write it? Well, let me think about it some other time… if I needed I will write. 

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