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A Brief Guide to Pregnancy – Month 9

What happens in Month 9 of Pregnancy?

Your baby is completely developed. You are almost there, to deliver your baby. Ninth month is the final stage of your pregnancy. You can expect your little one to arrive at any time in the coming weeks. Now your baby might will weigh more than six pounds. Nervous system and the immune system are maturing, but still adding the body fat that he/she’ll need to regulate the body temperature. The brain is still making new neurons to make more connections. Your baby’s nails are fully grown and now reach the end of the finger and toes. His/her movements are restricted due to lack of space. Your baby starts to signal to produce more estrogen to induce labor pain. You might experience severe neck and back pain. Keep eating your food in small portions. This will make you feel better. If you experience pain or severe discomfort, visit the doctor to check the dilation to predict when labor will begin. If you are reaching forty-one or forty-two weeks, your doctor may use ultrasound to see if your baby has enough amniotic fluid. If your baby is fine, the doctor will schedule an induction of labor.

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A Brief Guide to Pregnancy – Month 8

Now your baby continues to gain weight and length. The weight and the length depends on individual fetus’s ability to grow. So, it widely varies. Since your baby is getting bigger, she might lack room to move, so your little one might kick quite often.

A Brief Guide to Pregnancy – Month 7

Congratulations! You have successfully reached your third trimester. You will feel your baby is continuously moving because he/she started floating in the amniotic fluid. Now your baby can open and close the eyes.
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A Brief Guide to Pregnancy – Month 6

At the end of six months, your baby looks like a miniature of a newborn. Now your baby might weigh three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 ½ inches long.

A Brief Guide to Pregnancy – Month 5

Congratulations! You made it half-way. This might be the right time to determine the sex of your baby. The male and female sexual organs start identically as a small nub between the fetus legs.

A Brief Guide to Pregnancy – Month 4

You have reached second trimester. It is often considered as a “Golden Period” of pregnancy because many of the unpleasant feelings of early pregnancy disappear. Your baby is now about the size of the pear.

A Brief Guide to Pregnancy – Month 3

From each passing day, your baby is taking a small step to become a human. Now your tiny baby, called as embryo is taking a monumental transition into fetus.

A Brief Guide to Pregnancy – Month 2

Embryo grows exceptionally faster and received a glorious life force, which makes them to create beating cells. These beating cells turn out to be your baby’s life organ, HEART.

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