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3 Reasons Why Soda Is Just Not Right for Your Sleep!

You and I are so addicted to soda that we fail to see what it’s doing to our body.
mindful walk

Mindful Walking to Destress

Finding time to meditate isn’t always possible. But, mindful walking gives the same benefits, such as reduced levels of stress and better physical and mental well being.
ex exe exercise!

Exercise as a Stress Reliever

Exercise enhances your body’s ability to use oxygen and also refines the blood flow. It also boosts your brain’s production of endorphins. Endorphins are the “feel-good” factors hormones .
eagle eye

10 Tips to Acquire the Eagle Nature Through Meditation

Meditation can do you so much good. Here you can see how it does help you acquire pin point focus or an eagle nature.

The Fresh-Princely Benefits of Fresh Air

Science shows that some fresh air really will do you good.

Yoga in the Bay!

‘Yoga in the bay’ is for you. Here are some cool yoga poses that you can do at your work place

5 Refreshing Drinks That You Can Make In No Time At All

Though it is said that drinking water eight to ten times a day is a healthy step towards a healthy body as it keeps us hydrated, just plain water tends to become a little boring. So, why not add a little twist to come up with some of the best refreshing drinks of the season.

Failing at fitness? Here’s what you need

You need to learn how to walk before you begin running. Having an exercise regimen which is demanding is all well and good but you need to be in a condition to practice it with regularity day-in and day-out.

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