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Beat The Alarm

Most people counter the alarm with the snooze button, but the key to emerging victorious in this battle is not delaying the inevitable

5 Ways Processed Food Is Poisoning Your Body

Preservatives are often used in processed food to give it a longer shelf life,these can hurt your body a lot. Phosphates, also used as preservatives, can cause bone loss and even kidney damage
Jessie Gallan

The Secret of Happiness and Longevity? You’ll be Surprised to Know it…

People try a number of things to stay healthy and fit. Right from following a complex diets to exercising daily. Specially in today's world, there are a number of options and procedures one could follow to keep one's body healthy enough. However, amidst all these activities, the best way to know the secrets to a healthier life is to ask people who have experienced and lived longer.

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