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Pay It Forward for a Happier You

The measure of a satisfied life is something humanity still hasn’t been able to nail. However, as things stand, we might just be looking in the wrong places. Lifestyles today are essentially geared around profit, competition and a definition of success that has been more warped today than ever before in the history of mankind.

The Impact of Friends on Your Happiness

Friends occupy a variety of roles in our lives, from emotional to exciting, they can occupy a variety of emotional spaces within us. It is through these friends that we learn new perspectives about things and meet different people that can go a long way in enriching our lives.
celebration with family

5 Ways You Can Make This Festive Season Happier

The festive season is almost upon us, and with it a host of much needed holidays. But getting a holiday is not something that everyone can manage, and for many it can mean that they are not able to be with their families during this time. Festivals, as we all know, are family time and an occasion where the entire flock gathers to thank the gods above for the bounty they have been given. But there is no cap on the happiness you can share and garner on holidays, in fact there are ways that you can make this festive season happier for everyone around.

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