When Syed Nadeem walks on to bat on the crease of life, he hits all of its challenges for a six. The Master Blaster from Unisys takes strike and takes us through the highlights of his amazing lifestyle.

Tell us more about yourself.

I am a happy going, Fun & Entertainment loving person. Enjoying every moment to the fullest.

What in your opinion is the healthiest habit you possess?

My Healthiest habits are work-out at gym 5-6 days a week and play outdoor games during the weekends.

Opinion – My Health habits keep me Strong, Healthy & Stress less.

If you really had to look up to someone at work for his/her wellness ideas and how well they can pursue it, who would you name and why?

My co-worker Sakshi Vijan, who took fitness to the next level. Followed a regime on a daily basis, in other words Fat to Fab. Lost about 35 KGs.

What in your opinion is a perfect kind of lifestyle?

Get 7-8 hours of sleep, work-out (Gym/Yoga/others) for 5-6 days a week, Play Outdoor games and spend quality time with family & friends.

What does work life balance mean to you? Your interests beyond work and how do you find time to pursue them? What is the typical kind of stressbuster for you?

To me it means to prioritize both work and life accordingly when needed. Interest beyond work is to spend time with Family & friends which keeps me going no matter how good/bad the situation becomes. Music is a typical stressbuster for me.

Who is your greatest inspiration in life and why?

Akshay Kumar – Works only for 8 hours a day, follows a daily fitness regime, Keeps family & friends close to his heart, Takes a stand with & for others when applicable.

How is Zoojoo.be helping you handle all your health goals? We’d love to hear a few nice words from you about zoojoo.be🙂

Zoojoo.be has been helping me, from the day I joined, to remind me everyday to follow a healthy life-style. Never lets me forget & motivates me to catch-up with more & more healthy habits.

Zoojoo.be is a wonderful Site and App to be used daily with no regrets, as it helps you with regular updates on what is good. Health Tips, keeps you motivated by adding more and more friends who are interested to get fit along with you. And much more.

What is that one hobby that you really enjoy doing? Have you missed it dearly or do you actively do it everyday? Please share pictures of those as well.

I love to Play cricket, even if its for 24 hours a day. Yes, I missed to play for almost 6 years now & have started to play again.


If we throw up a challenge at you to eat healthy atleast once a day, would you just take it up?

Yes, I would. However, tandoor non-veg should be included into the diet too.

Do you have a personal goal that motivates you to get fitter? Like improving your stamina for going on a trek? Or having a flat belly? 😀

Yes, have a personal goal to increase my stamina which helps me to play longer and a Flat belly too … to look Fab.

If we asked you to motivate one person to be more healthier/fitter what exactly would you tell him/her?

I would first show my before 6 months and today’s pics and educate how important it is to be fit.

Do you have a favourite quote or saying that is always on your mind?

Actually 2 Quotes:

(1)    It’s never too late to get in shape.

(2)    If you want all-round rock star health, then sleeping & working out are both important.

What’s your favourite comfort food/ holiday destination?

Food – Tandoori Chicken. Holiday Destination – Coorg (Madikere)

Syed was adjudged the Best Batsman of the Unisys Corporate Cricket Tournament.


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