Meet Srinivas Kalburgi , a Unisys associate from Bangalore, and a huge save-our-planet patron. While he is enjoying his favourite Bisibelebath and Carrot halwa, we stop by for a quick conversation with him, to know more about him and his life with while he is ‘Reliving his hobbies’ .

Tell us about yourself.

I am a native of Bengaluru and a very calm and composed guy who loves to hang around with his close circle of friends. I rarely get angry and if I do, it is mostly for 2 reasons – One, when educated people litter public places and two, when people do not give due respect to the regional language of the place they reside in.

What hobby are you reliving right now?

Blogging is one of my most favorite hobby and thanks to , I’m reliving it right now.

How does it feel to get back in touch with your hobbies?

It feels extremely relaxing and I enjoy every moment of it.

How do you make time for yourself to stay in touch with your hobbies?

I believe in making time for everything. Apart from my day-to-day activities, I just take out a few minutes from my schedule, probably while travelling back home from office, to catch up with my hobby.

Who is your greatest inspiration in life and why?

My grandfather is my biggest inspiration. Whatever a situation might be, understanding it properly and managing it by keeping calm and not giving it to your emotions, is the biggest lesson I have learnt from him.

Could you kindly share a few of your personal and professional achievements?

We are a group of like minded friends who call ourselves “Sirigandha baLaga”. We go around creating awareness on saving our nature by reducing usage of paper/plastic and keeping the environment clean and green. I strongly believe that even a single person contributing to keeping the environment clean will certainly create a better environment around us. It has helped me find myself in many different ways.

How well do you handle stress? Has taking time for your hobby helped you in reducing stress?

Yes, it definitely has. When I divert my mind towards my hobby, I get so engrossed in it and I start to wonder what I was so worked up for.

Share a beautiful memory of your childhood that is associated with your hobby.

Gardening with my grandmother was one of my favorite hobbies during my childhood. Planting various kinds of  saplings – mango, coriander, rose, groundnut, potato, tomato etc along with my granny after my school time is one beautiful memory that I can never forget. And it is probably one of the reasons for my unbound love for nature and the environment around me. I try, in my best capacity, to do everything to protect it.

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