Rain doesn’t dampen Garima Nagpal’s mood, the rhythmic cascade of falling drops floods her mind up with sheer happiness, peace and joy instead.

Come, let’s find out more about this week’s winner of #5MindfulMinutes.

1. Tell us something fun and unique about yourself.  

I am a Pluviophile – a lover of rain. Someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

2. Who is your greatest inspiration in life, and why? 

Not anyone in particular. People who are modest about their achievements & remain grounded, inspire me a lot.

3. What causes the most amount of stress in your life, and how have you managed it?

Its sometimes personal life related stress or professional. I try to read positive thoughts & think of all the good things in life that I should be grateful for, rather than focussing on the negatives.

4. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your habits in general?

I would give my habits a score of 6.5/10

5. What is the healthiest habit that you possess?

I drink one or two glasses of water just after I wake up in the morning. This helps in eliminating toxins from the body, while providing a host of other health benefits too.

6. How were you introduced to zoojoo.be?

I was introduced through the HCL email.

7. How is zoojoo.be helping you with your health goals?

I think it’s great to take out some time in a day to read about healthy habits, so it’s a good initiative from Zoojoo.be!

8. What would be your message to the people who are struggling to manage their stress?

Talk to people from varied backgrounds. You will realize that everyone is going through a different battle & this would give you the courage to deal with things  🙂

What do you think?