We know the grave damage improper posture can have on our body, so while at work, what are the things that are slowly taking a toll on you?

  1. You’ve been sitting in the same position for the last one hour
  2. Your last break was when you answered the last phone call from your mom, when she asked you about lunch.
  3. The water bottle on your desk has not been touched since you got back from the long meeting with your team.
  4. You want to go refresh but have been waiting to send out that one last e-mail for quite some time now.

If the answer to these questions is a yes, then you are clearly damaging your body. Now, one may argue that offices are not fun places where you can take a break every one hour, or have the luxury of taking long tea or coffee breaks. How about if we tell you fun ways to give your body a break and not miss that important phone call or send a timely reply to your urgent e-mail?

Here are some stretching exercises that you can do while at your desk. You may, however, need to move your chair a little away from the desk, to give you sufficient place to stretch your legs under the table and move your hands away from your body.

Remember your Physical Training (P.T.) lessons from school? No matter how silly you found them during school, all the warm-up exercises your teacher taught you are going to come handy now.

  1. Stretch your hands- Each one of us knows how uncomfortable the office chairs are, no matter how many times you adjust them, you just cannot get them in perfect line with the height of your desk. We’ve written long e-mails and attended those never ending phone calls do. Our hands are one of the worst hit body parts. Now, hold your hands together and pull them up in front of you, to stretch them, without hurting. You may feel the urge to ‘break you knuckles too’ after this, go ahead and release them. Repeat this twice before moving to the next.
  2. Throw them in the air- Holding your hands in the same manner, take them over your head and pull them straight up. You need to take care that you do not over pull them, damaging your tissues or ending up getting a muscular pain. Bring them down and take them up again. Repeat this twice before moving to the next.
  3. Stretch your legs- The constant cramps, numbness in the legs, the sudden pain when you stand up after long hours, is all because of no adequate leg movement. Hence, it is important that you stand up and speak to your colleague in the other bay, rather than being loud or speaking on the phone/office messenger. All you need to do is bend over a little and stretch your legs under the table to experience a satisfying pull in your calf muscles. Now, don’t take it too far to make it uncomfortable for you or your colleague sitting across the same table as you.

Unless you are under medication for muscular pain or tissue tear, you should practice these every hour. It not only gives your eyes a break from the bright computer screen but also helps you take a break and be available in your seat too. Bonus tip: Each time you do these stretching exercises at your workplace, drink some water from your bottle, this can save you from dehydration, and keep your energy levels up.

What do you think?