Are you waking up with an irritating backache? Are you still drowsy when you wake up? Chances are your mattress might be the culprit. There are a lot of problems of sleeping on a bad mattress. From problems of the immune system to your respiratory system, disturbed sleep can lead to a number of different problems. The most important thing to get a good night’s sleep is the mattress you sleep on. Old mattresses or bad mattresses that are simply not providing your body the support it needs are anathema to getting a good night’s sleep.

It is, however, very difficult for people to figure out when their mattresses have outlived their utility. Unlike a busted bulb or a torn quilt, figuring out when your mattress no longer serves you the way it should is a little troublesome. When the mattress starts to sag, or a spring breaks, or it becomes lumpy, are just a few ways that your mattress might give up the ghost. High quality mattresses usually last for a decade. Considering the fact that you are going to spend almost one-third of your life in bed, it only makes sense that you buy a mattress that is worth it.


Here are a few ways that a bad mattress hurts you:

When mattresses get old they lose their tautness. They often sag in the middle and get lumpy on the edges. This means that instead of sleeping on a flat surface you are settled in an awkward and sometimes painful position. It is most akin to sleeping in a shallow pit. Bad mattresses often leave you tossing and turning through the night leading to very restless sleep. Your back needs to be aligned and straight when sleeping. That is not possible with a lumpy old mattress. This can lead you to feel stiff the next morning or contract a back spasm. If this continues it can lead to severe back problems and can create a vicious cycle of pain.

Having the same mattress for a long time can also create a different sort of health hazard. Old mattresses are a repository of dead skin cells, dust and all sorts of accumulated garbage. Keeping your mattresses clean is a priority, but with time these mattresses wear out and despite cleaning they keep attracting dirt. Dust mites and other pests also find old mattresses very welcoming. This dust can cause serious breathing problems. Dust in the mattress can also cause severe irritation in the throat and lungs.

Not getting enough sleep can wreak havoc on your body. Your immune system is the first to get affected by lack of sleep. Long nights and bad sleeping pattern can decrease your body’s ability to battle diseases and infection. This makes you more susceptible to diseases and illness. If you realize that your mattress is causing you lose sleep it would be wise to get a new one immediately.

One of the biggest impact of a bad mattress is felt on the joints. Your knees, elbows and shoulders are the first to be affected by bad sleeping posture and bad mattresses. If your mattress is too firm or too lumpy it can cause serious strain on your joints leading to pain. If you continue using a bad mattress your joints will be seriously affected. Find the mattress that is perfect for your body weight and height.

The biggest tell-tale sign of a bad mattress is constant tossing and turning in bed. Constantly tossing while sleeping can lead to very disturbed sleep. This can make you drowsy the next morning and make you feel sluggish and slow.

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