With the release of the Social Stream in zoojoo.be, we have designed a week long ‘Hashtag Contest’ to get you all pepped and started on it. The contest will be fun and engaging where you get to share the success stories you have with respect to overall wellness and inspire your co-workers.

The theme of the contest is ‘My Fitness Inspiration’, where you can share statuses/pictures/posts about who/what is your fitness inspiration. You also get to share the entire journey on how it makes your life better.

It could be a celebrity figure, that colleague who never misses his morning run, a famous athlete or even the mirror every morning. We want to know where it all begins.

Here’s what you need to do:
  • Login to Zoojoo.be.
  • Go to your Stream.
  • Post your status under the Hashtag Contest, #MyFitnessInspiration

You can also compliment your posts with photos to get us to notice you more and increase your chances to win a cool set of Sennheiser Earphones.

Let the fun begin!

Get started now on the Zoojoo.be Stream now.


*Contest runs until July 1.
* All Mindtree minds are eligible to participate.

What do you think?