Calling everyone at ABHI&MMI Holdings.

Over the next few weeks will help you form healthier habits that will make your mornings awesome. These habits are carefully designed to keep you energetic and boost your work performance throughout the day as well.

Take Back your Mornings

Morning times are significantly associated with higher levels of productivity and happiness. This campaign, is intended to spread awareness of the many benefits of waking up early, and kick starting the day with healthy habits.

The idea is to encourage you to adopt such healthy habits into your daily routine through the various challenges that you will pick up on a weekly basis.

Challenge for Week 1:

In week 1 you start with a simple habit of “Having breakfast regularly”. All you have to do is log into, select the challenge and get started with your habit journey.

Share your Morning Victory
Breakfast + You + Selfie = #MorningVictory

Share your morning breakfast selfie with the hashtag #MorningVictory on the ‘Stream’ and let all your friends know how awesome you are.
With each like on your selfie, you will double your chances of winning a cool set of sennheiser earphones.

It’s time to take back your mornings and start posting your breakfast selfies on!

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