Everyone has felt that metaphorical pile of stress on our back that pushes our posture forward and stiffens our shoulder muscles into painful knots. Exercise is the most natural process to slow down the adrenal glands and relieve the body of any toxic chemicals that can provoke distress.

Understand that even a bit of exercise is better than nothing at all. Workout at any level will enhance your mood and amp up your energy for a more creative day.

Here are seven ways exercise can relieve stress:

Heard of the runner’s high? After long periods of high-intensity exercise, endorphins are released from the brain provoking us to feel happy. They are nature’s painkillers and are normally at their peak about one hour after the exercising. These endorphins are your mood elevators and are crucial to working against cortisol, the stress inducing hormone.

When an individual does not have an outlet to vent out frustration, it piles up inside the body. Left untreated, frustration built up can result in:

  •         Anxiety
  •         Panic
  •         Other mental or emotional disorders

Exercise can be that vent which can be used to release stresses and frustration. Give yourself the freedom to express yourself when exercising.

Research confirms that engaging in daily exercise can improve your sleeping habits. If you struggle to sleep at night and can’t focus because you are just too exhausted, that means the body’s inner clock is disturbed and your sleep patterns are thrown out of balance. Exercise can change this pattern of behaviour, making you feel less stressed and more in control of your life.

Engaging in daily exercise will tone your body and help you to lose undesired weight. When you look healthy, you feel better, and that feeling will surely boost your self-confidence. If you are stressed about your appearance or because of a fat gain, the workout is all that is required to encourage you to raise your self-esteem. 

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After a tiring day at work or dealing with regular stressors are part of life, exercise can be an efficient way to free your mind. By taking a walk or a jog in the park, you’ll be surprised to know how the simple switch of scenery linked with exercise can help to calm your mind. Also, a normal run on a treadmill can calm your mind and relieve stress, as the rhythmic running can help focus and clear your mind.

Cortisol is a hormone that is released in your body when you are undergoing stress. If your body does not utilize hormones properly, they can cause irritability and eventually even put you at risk for stress-related disorders. Exercising helps the body to absorb cortisol, hence lowering cortisol levels, which leads to a decrease in stress.

Consistent exercise helps to counter cold and viral infections. During bodily movement, immune cells circulate faster and are strengthened to fight toxins. Our immune system grows healthier with exercise just like our muscles. Keeping your immune system fit helps to keep levels of stress down by shielding illness which may cost time away from work, family, or friends.

We all know that a regular dose of exercise is healthy, but many of us are too busy and tensed to consider implementing an exercise cycle into our lives. Engaging in routine exercise not only has fitness benefits but also is a healthful way to manage day to day stress. Exercise is a low cost, natural stress management method that has a variety of both physical and mental advantages. If you are in good shape you can start exercising today, if you have medical conditions, consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

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