In stressful situations or sometimes even in casual situations, when the urge to smoke strikes, we often feel we’re helpless. But there’s no compulsion for us to be so. Yes, tobacco is addictive and it is largely due to an ingredient of it-Nicotine. But there are ways to outsmart your cigarette cravings. Here are some:


Yes, there is such a thing as nicotine replacement therapy which is a medically approved technique to get your fix of nicotine from sources other than tobacco. It is a good way to reduce your cigarette cravings without it feeling like too much effort. But do it only with a prescription from a certified Doctor.


This is one place where procrastination could do you good. When you feel a compulsive urge to smoke, just force yourself to wait 10 minutes longer. In the longer run, it could help teaching your mind to gain better control over your tobacco cravings.


When you feel like smoking or consuming tobacco, distract yourself by giving your mouth something else to chew. It could be a chewing gum or even a light snack.

Join a quitter’s club

Fighting a lonely battle? Don’t worry! Tomorrow when you go to work, gather people in your office with similarly serious craving-problems and start this club where you all resolve to fight the battle together. If you can’t do it alone, you sure can do it as an army!

Avoid situations which coax you into smoking

Avoid friends or parties which lure you into smoking by habit or by pressure. Just keep analyzing which situations act as triggers for smoking and try your best to keep them at bay.

Practice meditation, mindfulness, etc


Sign up for meditation, Yoga, mindfulness techniques or whatever else that will help you bring down your stress levels and helps you command your mind with greater authority and control.

Seek Therapy

Compulsive tobacco craving is as much a psychological addiction as it is physical. You could consult a counselor to figure out the underlying reasons that compel you to smoke in the first place. If the addiction is too deep-seated you might even want to consult a psychiatrist who’ll put you on anti-addiction meds!



Develop a habit of working out daily because that helps you release your stress and, in the long run, helps you bring down those unwanted nicotine cravings.

Read up more about the long-term evils of your cravings

As gory as it may sound , and as depressed as it may make you, go online and look at the pictures and testimonies of people suffering from their addictions. That will surely make you seriously want to outgrow your cravings for the wellbeing of yourself and your loved ones.

Halve it!

It’s a time-tested technique-Smoking a single cigarette for only half the amount of time as earlier and tossing the remaining part into the bin!




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