Green Tea which is now called by many a ‘super food’ had years ago started its journey in the mugs of Chinese and has now managed to reach in all the East Asian’s mugs because of the reputation it has garnered for its health benefits.
So, here we are, listing a few benefits of green tea and reasons why green tea should be ‘your cup of tea.’ (wink)

1. Green tea boosts & improves eyesight

Green leafy vegetables and carrots have always been the toppers when it comes to improved and better eye-sight, but according to a few research studies there’s a new competitor. When your eyes absorb the catechins found in green tea, from your body, it protects you from Glaucoma (loss of vision and damage of optic nerve) and various other eye related diseases or problems like irritation and so on.

2. Green tea protects you from UV rays

You shall want to include a cup of green tea in your ‘cautions of stepping into sun’ process of applying sunscreen, wearing a scarf & wearing UV protected sunglasses. A 2013 study published in the ‘British Journal of Nutrition’ suggests that two cups of green tea reduces the effect of UV rays on the skin. The inflammation that is produced through UV rays is reduced by green tea supplementation.

3. Green Tea helps to reduce the deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease which generally occurs during middle or old age causing memory loss, behavioural issues & cognitive issues due to the decline of brain cells.
ECGC (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), a green tea extract when (Have a cup of green tea) coupled with jogging has the potential of slowing down the progression of Alzheimer and possibly reversing the effects as well. A study and research conducted on a mice, showed remarkable improvement in the cognitive function and memory retention on exercising injecting ECGC, according to Dailymail UK.

4. Green Tea fights off depression

It’s time to replace the depression food eating habits with 2+ cups of green tea everyday. Depression is often treated with medication that affects the serotonin levels in the brain, as an increased level of serotonin reduces the symptoms of depression.
One of ‘American Journal of Clinical Nutrition’s’ study found that individuals who drank 4+ cups of green tea had less symptoms of depression and vice versa.

5. Green Tea lowers the risk of dental problems or tooth decay

Streptococcus mutans, a harmful bacterium found in the oral cavity, is a leading & significant cause of tooth decay, plaque formation and cavities. Catechin which is an antioxidant present in green tea destroys the bacteria’s and viruses causing throat infections & dental conditions. Thus, having a cup of green tea after chocolates or sugar treats is helpful as well as necessary.
Let go off a cup of milk tea and indulge your cup with green tea, your new cup of tea. So, is green tea your cup of tea?

What do you think?