People always say drink more water.

It’s so important to stay hydrated throughout the day, not only to replenish the water we lose, but drinking more water can help with weight loss, manage diabetes, skin care, essential in pregnancy, essential for cold or flu and also keeps your teeth and gums healthy.

People also get corybantic about work or traffic or deadlines or social conventions and water takes a second place in life.

So how can we drink more water in a day?

Whether you drink water daily or not we have created easy to follow, actionable steps on how you can start today to increase your water drinking habits.

1.SAY GOODMORNING TO H20: Include water drinking into your daily routine. Drink 2 glasses of water in the morning and start the day how you wish to proceed.

2.WATER BEFORE COFFEE/TEA: Drink a glass of water whilst you wait for your brew. When you are making a cup of coffee or tea and you’re standing around waiting for the kettle to boil, grab a quick glass of water. This will counteract the effects of drinking caffeine, which is actually very dehydrating.

3.SIP IN TRAFFIC: Keep a bottle of water with you in the car and take a sip while you are stuck in traffic. Driving dehydrates us especially in the hot weather and with the air con that dries out the air.

4.CRAZY STRAW FOR H2O: Drink through a straw and keep sipping throughout the day. Melissa Harrison from BuzzFeed recommends using a fun straw to help you drink more water.

5.WATER PONG: Play water-drinking games with your friends. We’ve all heard of beer pong; why not substitute this for water pong?

6.DRINK WATER ON YOUR NIGHTS OUT: A really great tip to drink more water is to substitute every other alcoholic drink on a night out with a glass of water. This is much healthier for your body and will save you from feeling horrible the next morning.

7.I SPY WITH MY EYES SOMETHING BLUE: Keep an eye out for water coolers and stop for a quick drink.

8.HERB-Y WATER: Infuse your water with herbs. You can use leaf herbs to enhance the flavour of water. Many people use mint to provide a subtle taste enhancing to their water consumption activity. Mix fresh mint leaves with fruit to create your own infusion

9.FROZEN IN LIME: Freeze little bits of lemon and lime or ( your favourite fruit) and use these as ice cubes in your water for a refreshing summer time treat.TIP: You can use all citrus fruits and even some vegetables.

10.A WET BET: Make a water wager with your friends and colleagues. Set goals and challenges on who can drink the most water (within reason and for health benefit). Making water drinking fun will encourage you to re-hydrate.TIP: Pair off in teams and offer an incentive for the winner (i.e. whoever loses makes the coffee/tea for the next day).

Equipped with these 10 tips, drink more water on a day-to-day basis to ensure that you’re happier, healthier and more energised while at home, work and or the gym.We suggest that you pick one or two of these tips straight away, and then try and increase them over the coming week or months.

So grab your bottles, glasses and straws and get set go!


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