It should come as no surprise that more and more people are preferring organic materials in their bedroom than before. Organic fibers, wood and even foam to a great extent are coming back in vogue with more and more people opting for natural materials. The understanding of organic mattresses is simple, made from natural materials, they are non-toxic.

Unlike other mattresses available today, latex, memory foam, etc. organic mattresses use no synthetic materials. There is hardly any level of toxicity in these mattresses. Synthetic mattresses are often treated with a variety of chemicals, the residue of which is decidedly unhealthy for the human body. Adhesives, fire retardants and other chemicals to discourage microbe growth are also applied to synthetic mattresses. These chemicals released in the air are a source of grave pollution as well.

Natural, or organic mattresses are essentially spring beds that are padded with fabric, cotton or wool. These are additionally padded with foam that is extracted from a certain kind of tree. The proportion of materials used vary with the range you are opting for. Some have a higher proportion of organic material while others have a higher percentage of plant based latex and foams.

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Here are a few reasons why you should consider opting for an organic mattress:

Staves off Allergies

Organic cotton is considered to be an allergy retardant material, or hypoallergenic and is usually used in organic mattresses. This property of organic mattresses is hugely beneficial for anyone dealing with regular allergies of dust, mites etc. Synthetic beds may also contain glue, polyurethane and other materials which may cause respiratory or skin reactions in some people. Wool and latex can also be considered when going for a mattress for someone dealing with allergies.


As mentioned before, organic mattresses made from cotton, wool and plant based latex, are not treated with chemicals, or at least not as many as synthetic mattresses. Hybrid mattresses too are available, that balance both the synthetic and organic parts of the mattress, and are cheaper in cost. However, organic mattresses, if one chooses right can have little to no chemical residue. It has to be said that most wool is still chemically treated these days. Synthetic mattresses are usually treated with chemicals, some of which have been proven to cause irritation and allergies in people. Research well before investing in a mattress.


One of the biggest advantages of an organic mattress is the sheer breath-ability of the material. It is perfectly engineered to keep one warm in winter and cool in summer. Its natural wicking abilities ensure that you do not wake up in a pool of sweat. This would also mean that because of its natural wicking abilities you would need to give it enough sun to dry out, thankfully they dry out quick enough.


Well, not entirely! They are fire retardant, but given enough heat anything burns. These mattresses are naturally prone to resisting fire, thus passing most of the safety features that are out there. One of the biggest hazards in the home, especially one with children, is the flammability of the mattress. This poses a grave risk to the home and its residents. Organic mattresses make things much safer for you.

Environmental Friendly

As the name says, these mattresses are made using environmentally friendly practices and are sustainable. Manufacturing these mattresses causes far less pollution than synthetic mattresses. Moreover, not needing to use any chemicals on treating the materials makes these mattresses the cleanest sleeping option out there.

Children reportedly sleep better in organic mattresses than in regular synthetic or hybrid mattresses, not to mention it is far healthier for them too. All of these factors combine to make organic mattresses a very sought after option.

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